NEWGENE Covid 19 Home Self Test Kit
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Product SKU NEWGENE Covid 19 Home Self Test Kit
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Product details of NEWGENE COVID 19 Home Self Test Rapid Antigen Kit (RTK) (Sputum/Saliva) [MDA/KKM Approved].
Newgene COVID-19 Antigen Detection Kit allows self-testing of Covid-19 antigen performed anywhere like your home or your office, without needing to get tested at a healthcare facility.


Get your results within 15 minutes!


This product is can be applicable to two sample types. Only use ONE of the options when using the kit to perform the test.


Saliva Option
Nasal Swab Option


Read the instructions leaflet in the kit carefully prior to first use.
For people who are not able to perform the test themselves, the test should be conducted by legal guardians.
For children under the age of 15, the self-test should be conducted under adult supervision.
This test detects SARS-CoV-2 antigen in nasal swab samples and saliva samples.
For people who has recent nasal trauma or surgery, or have severe coagulopathy, the gentle operation is required for nasal swab collection to avoid injuries to the nose.
Please use the components provided in the kit for testing. Do not use components from other sources.
Please use this product in a place with sufficient light, so as to interpret the results accurately.

Specifications ofNewgene Covid-19 Antigen Saliva Kit
Sensitivity 97.3%
Specificity 99.2%


What’s in the box?
Test Card
Sample Extraction Tube
Tube Cap
Paper Cup
Sputum Dropper
Nasal Swab