Multi-Vita Booster Bundle
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Multi-Vita Booster Bundle
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Product SKU Big Nuts Multi-Vita Booster Bundle
Brand Big Nuts
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Multi-Vita Booster Bundle includes:


1) Dried Mango Slice 150g




2) Dried Strawberries 150g



3) Antioxidant Berries Fruit Mix 180g              

(Cranberries, Blueberries, Raisin & Goji berries)




4) Dried Banana Coins (Unsweetened) 150g




5) Sundried Apricot 200g




6) Dried Guava 200g




7) Dried Blueberry 150g



Health Benefits:                
1) Rich in Vitamin A, which builds up the immune system, encourages cell growth        
2) Rich in magnesium, which has calming properties that combat stress and anxiety        
3) The more the merrier, all fruits at your finger tips